We firmly believe that distributors succeed when they have in stock the latest and greatest pieces of Uranta Mindful clothing.

Going forward our ordering process and discount from retail prices is quite simple. All orders are placed through the website after you have signed in to your account. The discount from retail that you will receive depends on the quantity you are purchasing in each order.

We will create your profile as a distributor so that you automatically have access to shop with your discount at any time and from anywhere.
As you are aware, our clothing is completely made with upcycled fabrics, and while this means you are always buying “limited edition” it also means that the colors are limited availability.

We upload colors to the website and send e-mails to inform all our distributors of available quantities and new items coming in the future.
If you would like to achieve a higher discount from retail, you can pay for items and have us hold them in our warehouse until you round out your order. When these “on hold” items become available, you can add them to your cart along with the other items you are buying and achieve a higher discount level and more economical shipping rates on the larger order.


You can pay using debit, credit card, or PayPal or direct deposit to our account or electronic bank transfer.
All prices on the website are excluding shipping and sales tax.


Many of our distributors buy in bulk from Uranta and sell retail using a network of sub-distributors.
Please be mindful of who is in your network and that they are also not selling products that would run counter to our philosophy of fairly traded.
In order to protect the Uranta brand and our network of committed distributors like yourself, the retail price must remain what is stated on the website (plus your shipping and handling costs) without exception.
If your client is interested in product on our website that might not be in your stock then we offer you a way to still sell this product
Simply make the order using your distributor login at your discount code and in Billing information enter your address and in Shipping information the address of your customer. Pay Uranta for the product and then charge your customer the regular retail price.


Display and arrangement of the garments is basic.
Items should be hung and pants should be hung on hooks folding at the waistband, just as we would wear them.
We recommend you arrange the garments by color, not by model as people tend to shop first by color and then by design.

Hire a credit card reader for your phone, so that when you wear the clothes and people ask – as they always do -- tell them the colors that are available either in your stock or our warehouse and make the sale.

It is at your discretion if you want to charge your client shipping or if you wish to pay it yourself.
Shipping is always quoted with FEDEX as we have a special volume rate which we pass directly to our customers.
We always search for the better and cheaper shipping option.
On the site you will see the option of adding insurance to your order. This is in case your order is stolen during shipping and we can recover the value of the goods from FEDEX.
Uranta is NOT responsible once the goods leave our facilities. You can choose to add the insurance or not. FEDEX will quote the shipping cost automatically on the website. When you are ready to place the order, contact us and we can quote the shipping directly with UPS.


Uranta will gladly exchange an item for the following reasons:

  1. When you don’t like the color or material.

  2. When you check your order, and a piece has a production or material defect.

Please inspect your order as soon as possible after it arrives. All items go through rigorous quality control so it is rare that there is a material defect.

After your shipment arrives at your address you have 7 days to notify us if you wish to exchange an item.
Uranta will pay for shipping in the event of a material defect, and in the event that you don’t like the color or material you will pay for shipping back to Uranta.
Distributors will be given a credit on their account for returned items.


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