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Stitches That Matter

Uranta Mindful Clothing created Stitches That Matter, a program that supports social and ecological communities where we live, work and play and more specifically where our clothes are used. Every purchase made at Uranta seees 7% directed to projects that have a long-term impact and make a positive difference...





In August 2017, Uranta brought renowned drumming expert Ron Cross to our home in Lake Chapala to train 8 teachers in the art of drumming circles. 

The idea was to launch a drumming program to combat the negative energy that has permeated Mexico through a decade long drug war that has gutted families and stripped children of their dreams and vision beyond joining a cartel.

We introduced the program in a local school and taught 350 kids for 12 weeks; parents and teachers reported a more positive school environment, better concentration levels and the school was generally a happier place.

NOW we are moving the program to the inner-city of Guadalajara where we hope our 50 Djembe drums will make a difference to those in even greater need of some positive energy.



Uranta's humble beginnings saw founder Lucia Sol empower single mothers by loaning them sewing machines and giving them clothes to sew while still able to tend to their children.
This vision saw the company grow to where it is today, but the formula proved too unpredictable to meet customer demand and quality standards.
Uranta is still committed to empowering women and all people, employing workers at above average wages in safe workshops where we know everyone by name.
Meanwhile, we want to return to our roots by attracting single mothers to come to our workshop, bring their kids, and have a place for them to be nurtured and taken care of while Mom earns some money.
Our vision is to establish a place where the children can have an earthly education complete with gardening, non competitive physical activity like yoga, creative pursuits like painting and music -- and they can come and leave as an integrated family.
To do this -- Uranta needs to build a new building to house our inventory, and to turn the house where the inventory is located into a kindergarten.
We plan to raise funds from Stitches That Matter donations, and product purchases whereby 7% of all sales are donated to socially sustainable causes, and begin construction in September 2018. We expect the program to be operational by January 2019 and will be raising funds before then to pay for permanent staff.



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