Our Philosophy


At Uranta, we create clothes for an active lifestyle. We make creative and fun clothes, meticulouly stitched with love in small batches at our fair trade workshop in Mexico: high quality, comfortable, and functional.

Our clothes are made for people who celebrates their life through the inspiration delivered by movement. People who like to dance, stretch, sweat, jump and clap through every moment of their lives.

We promote a healthy lifestyle committed to the community and the environment. We want everyone in society to become more aware of their surroundings, of what they consume, and how their actions impact the planet.

We work with a small team of individuals, and together we form relationships of lasting support. From the people who stitch the clothes to those who distribute around the world, we are the Uranta Tribe united as a family with a common mission to make the world more harmonious.

Uranta in the community.

Uranta was founded in October 2011, in San Juan Cosalá, Jalisco, México by Lucia Sol, who wanted to provide meaningful, safe and financially fulfilling work for single mothers. The designs were born out of the need for sportswear that is also fashionable, and for people looking to awake a deeper meaning in their lives.

We live in a time in which it is important to awaken the individual and collective conscience. We are starting to wake up our inner spirit and understand that all and everything is connected. This is why our mission at Uranta is to improve these connections.

We are green and socially committed, we use 100% recyclable and recycled materials to make our collections, our bags and our packaging.

Our family is composed of unique and creative people. People who want to get ahead, to work fairly and with a purpose. We collaborate with people who can not work outside the home and people who want to work in a healthy environment: people looking to form a better society and in turn create a more sustainable and happy world.

How do we do what we do?

We help in the creation of businesses in our local communities so that the people that stitch your clothes can take control of their own personal economy.

Each of our workshops helps to make their community united and strong. We support the creation of a united family as the basis of a better society.

We care for the environment

We strongly believe in the commitment that each one of us has to the environment. For this reason, we use “dead stock fabrics” which are fabrics that are discarded from the cutting tables of large clothing companies, and would otherwise be thrown in landfills. We use this fabric in our small artisanal cutting tables, and create small batches of clothes in a wide array of colors. We turn waste into "few of a kind" items of super comfortable and long lasting clothes

This technique is known as “upcycling”: a way to reuse materials that are waste, transformed into products of better quality and with greater environmental value. Leftovers from our manufacturing process are less than 3% of the material we buy, because we use our otherwise discarded fabric for our bags and labels.

Working with this type of fabric is not an easy task, since you have to check fabric by fabric, roll by roll, that the fabric is in perfect condition. Designs are matched to small rolls of fabric in many colors, and our production quantities are determined by the amount of high quality fabric that each roll offers. This is artisanal clothing manufacturing at its best, and it provides our customers with unique and ever changing clothing at affordable prices.

We support causes

Build your Tribe by joining up to become a distributor or an affiliate and bring us your project so that we can support you to improve your community. Our "Puntadas que Importan" (Stitches That Matter) program automatically takes 7% of our sales and is always looking for meaningful, community building projects to support. Visit our Stitches that Matter¨page on this website to learn more.


The clothes

Each garment made by Uranta has a thought and intention deeply embedded with each stitch. Each garment has a history and is made with love. Each garment goes through rigorous testing of its innovative design, to insure it can adapt to all lifestyles. 

How do you help when you buy Uranta ?

By consumping Uranta, you help to promote social and environmental sustainability practices. You win, not just because you have comfortable, pretty and long lasting clothes , but because you are helping to create a positive change in the consumption practices in the world. Every piece of clothes made by Uranta saves 33%  of water compared to buying other brands, wastes 87.8% less, and helps create meaningful employment for united families.

Uranta is a unique clothing brand for a lifestyle with a social and ecological vision. Uranta strives to achieve a win win for everyone, from our workers, to distributors and our customers. We are the alternative to giant clothing brands, giving nothing, only taking from workers and the environment. They offer cheap clothes with a well marketed brand. We offer conscious consumption that truly helps families who otherwise don't have options to get ahead and build meaningful and happy lives.

How do the Uranta models work?

Several models are produced for each season, in different fabrics and colors. Almost all the production is limited edition or small batch, since the colors and fabric combinations rarely come back to produce. Depending on the season we match new and existing designs to fabrics and colors that are available.

We have managed to form a great family in all of Mexico, United States, Canada, Europe and South America.

We extend our hand so that you can help us help each of our worlds where we live, work and play.


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